Occupy _______/ the 99%

I’m procrastinating writing my essay, so just let me make this quick.

The Occupy movements are important. They represent a spread of generations that all have a common problem. However, discussions for me always come back to this: what is this really going to do? Perhaps I haven’t done enough research on the movement itself. From what I understand, the movement protests corruption and greed of the big business.

So, nothing new. Are they really raising awareness? After all, anyone affected by this discrepancy would probably already know that the 1% is “bad.” But what is really going to happen about that? Is that CEO really going to be giving his money away because some people are upset that he’s rich?

Shouldn’t we be raising awareness for other things that could actually bring about tangible change? Here are some ideas:

  • Occupy Congress. At least the CEOs work.
  • Oppose tax cuts to the wealthy. This seems the most obvious. Fair is fair. The definition of the middle class is muddled by their taking on the burden of high taxes.
  • VOTING AWARENESS, and not just of the large elections, and not just because of a political party. Find out what matters to you, and pick your candidate appropriately. Socially, I’m liberal. But I find myself moderate if not somewhat conservative on some issues. The problem today that there is such a focus on two parties that more often than not, candidates represent their party’s ideals and not their own.
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