“I Hate Gay Pride”

I was on a Youtube binge when I came across this video on my sidebar. What caught me was the title: “I Hate Gay Pride!!!!” Expecting a bigoted old man, I was pleasantly surprised to watch a very thoughtful and insightful analysis of society. Noticing the usual slew of people who simply did not understand the video, I thought that I’d both clarify (or at least show you how i interpreted it) and add my own thoughts to it.

The majority of “negative” comments on the video spanned from those who probably didn’t pay attention to the video/didn’t understand it/only reader the title — “So what? I’m gay and proud!!!” — to the even sadder people who wrote a long paragraph about their trial and tribulations of being gay — “I went through high school alone…My family rejected me…I’m proud to be gay.” And by sadder, I mean missed the mark in a more time-consuming way.

Here is the video, summed up in one sentence: There shouldn’t be a NEED for gay pride.

Opposites make up or, rather, create our perceptions, from the basic to the abstract. Without cordiality in existence, one could not be considered “rude”. Without niceness, there would be no “mean”. This phenomenon can be witnessed in such current issues involving homosexuality — gay rights, social stigmas — through the burgeoning of “pride” among the gay community. The reality is the notion of “pride” is sad because “pride” is simply the reaction to how society has treated LGBTQ people with shame, disdain, and made them feel inferior. In agreement with the video, while I support gay pride and support gay people, I hate the fact that there is such a things as “gay pride”. If people were less ignorant and hateful towards gay people, there would be no need for gay people to take a stand and be proud.

I’m straight and I’m not proud. I’m not ashamed. I’m not anything. Because no one has ever told me that being straight was wrong. No one has look at me differently because I was straight. No one has denied me rights because I’m straight.

More to come — I’m tired!!

Me with friends @ the Gay Pride Parade 2011 in SF!

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