Tiny Update and more to come!

So I haven’t posted anything recently in quite some time. Summer’s been the perfect mix of occupation/idleness/being occupied with idleness. And I’m loving it.

I leave the 19th of August, which is getting harder to accept as the days are winding down. Don’t get me wrong — I’m incredibly excited to go to American this fall — but scared, and not trynna leave the comfort of my house (although my parents probably wouldn’t mind me getting my ass up).

So what have I been up to, really? I busy myself playing a mixture of fun games including The Sims 3 (with all expansion packs, thank you very much), Age of Empires II, and recently, after going to CA Great America with some buddies, Rollercoaster Tycoon (the original one with Corkscrew Follies and Loopy Landscapes — game tips coming later). Other than that, I’ve been giving my two cents onthe daily whether it involves celebrities, news, movies, and other miscellaneous topics. But, as you’ve noticed, I’ve come to my blog to express myself. I know that even if no one reads my blog, I can articulate something in its entirety without having to focus on one point and get it across in three sentences (woe the shortened attention spans in this modern age). You can view some snippets of my online arguments and opinions though my Yahoo comment tracker (here) or my IMDb (here). I’ll probably go over some topics that I commented on there in the near future.

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