Thoughts on “Jerry Brown House, Worth $1.8 Million, Doesn’t Fit California Governor Candidate’s Tale Of Frugality”

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To paraphrase, the article notes how Jerry Brown previously commented on how instead of living in the CA Governor’s mansion, he chose to rent an apartment with his money because he was a bachelor. This somehow vilifies the fact that he bought a $1.8 million “mansion” in Oakland Hills.

Despite being an active member on the Huffington Post with a purple background and two icons, “comments have expired” and I just found this article. I want to reply to both the article and some of the comments that were put up on here.

We all know that housing prices are incredulous in metros such as New York and San Francisco to people who can buy the same houses, usually nicer, for many times half of the price in a different city. For example, I used to be an avid reader of real estate magazines in the third grade and for whatever reason I got a jankier real estate magazine and opened it up to see an estate in Red Bluff, CA for like $250,000 at the time. This estate was newly built, don’t remember the deets about the home itself, but featured tennis courts, basketball courts, a pool and whatnot. Basically the shit and more. But who the hell knows where Red Bluff? Point is, this wasn’t a recession, and you could get a mansion for as much money as my house cost when I was born. The price discrepancy of homes in California is astronomical. And perhaps that’s why people are astounded when they hear about a three bedroom home that goes for upwards of a million and one half bucks.

But come on, guys. We all know that California is home to some pricier real estate. Off of the top of my head, pricier areas include but are not limited to: Pacific Palisades, Calabasas, Beverly Hills (and other LA rich neighborhoods like that one we drove by next to Korea town), San Francisco areas, Hillsborough, Atherton, Mill Valley, Tiburon, etc. In these areas the majority of homes will be upwards of two million dollars.

Comparing the Oakland Hills to the city of Oakland is unfair. Oakland Hills is very nice, but certainly not lavish is comparison to the really exclusively wealthy areas in the Bay Area (Atherton, Tiburon). BTW, Meg Whitman lives in Atherton yo. I know that $1.8 million can buy a midsized family home in my neighborhood — and that’s in a recession.

If Jerry Brown is being persecuted for not wanting to live in his one-bedroom apartment with his wife, then there seriously must not be that much wrong with him. What’s with the nitpicking? I don’t even wanna see the behemoth that is Meg Whitman’s abode. Also, she is self financing $150 million to her campaign as of June 2010. She is said to be worth $13 billion. I mean, it kinda goes into our economy by paying people and giving funds to television channels so they can continue to run my favorite shows, but $1.8 million is almost 1% of what Meg Whitman is spending on her campaign.

Bottom line: $1.8 million is nothing. How much is Arnold’s manse worth do you think? Get it straight.

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