Come on ladies

I thought that perhaps typing in would send me to a helpful word counting service (I’m supposed to be writing an essay right now, b.t. dubs). I’m well aware that Microsoft Word provides an easily accessible word counting service, but, whatever, get out of my face. provides a list of the most commonly used words online. I know, what the fuck? I noticed that the word “he” is the 15th most so of course I looked up where “she” stands. #30. Number mother fucking 30. Are you kidding me? So Mel Gibson, Kim Jong Il, and various serial killers might be kicking up the ranking by a tad. I feel like the place where girls might have an advantage (porn, celebrities, celebrity porn) in terms of referencing the female is a sad reflection of where women are valued in society. Change? Please!?

I was hoping to do a more robust blog post on this, however, I have an essay to write.

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