How to fix the ‘Blank Screen’ but FORREAL

Recently I was attacked by some virus, you know, one of those viruses that pretends to by a spyware remover but is really a BITCH in disguise. I’ve gotten these types of viruses before; it’s only natural when you rely on downloading shit free off of the internet instead of, I don’t know, renting a DVD or buying stuff of iTunes. If I paid for everything at the retail value that I get for free, I would be broke. Ass broke.

Anyway, it hasn’t ever been so bad before. Sure, one of the times I received the Blue Screen of Death from “Antispyware 2008”, but I needed a new computer anyway, and other times a simple run by Malwarebytes Anti-Malware did the trick. This time, however, it was bad. So I forget which fake shit infected my computer this time (and it doesn’t matter, it’s all NASTY), but I know that when I restarted my computer, it was something new: the Blank Screen of Death. (?) After hours (literally hours) of scouring Google for solutions — I tried every kind of keyword from “Start up blank screen vista” to “Windows Explorer has stopped working” (Btw, this very well might be your problem, but I’ll tell you how to test that later) to “Desktop doesn’t load Vista”. Let’s just say I’m a Google expert and I found nothing.

Well, I found that the Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del) worked fine, and I could run tasks from there. I think that the Spyware had initially disconnected my Internet, but with a run of trusty MBAM I found I could use it again. I could execute all the programs but still had a blank screen instead of the toolbars and the desktop. After I would restart, MBAM would detect new viruses, and even Registry editing through HijackThis was unhelpful, so I knew there had to be something more.

I’m not going to go over all the shit I tried, but in the end I used AVG Antivirus which found like 65 entries of virus. I was kind of impressed, shocked, and all too eagerly deleted those motherfuckers. However, it DID NOT get rid of the fact that I had a blank screen!

Of course one of the first things I tried to do was run a System Restore to get to a time before this all happened. It seemed that the malware had deleted that file, which was a bummer. After all of the runs of the anti-spyware tools and constant restarts to try to see if the blank screen was gone, I searched in the “Computer” folder that was accessible through the “Start Task” function of the Task Manager. It found a shortcut file to System Restore, so I knew that it was there, but when I clicked it it came up with that annoying message:

System restore has been turned off by group policy. To turn on System Restore, contact your domain Administrator.

If you’ve dealt with this problem before, you probably know that this can be fixed by going to the Registry Editor. Unfortunately I discovered that file wasn’t there upon a quick search through my Windows folder and a comprehensive search on Computer. Because I had access to the Internet, I found this great website called Regedit where you could download a copy of regedit.exe for your version of Windows. Genius.

So if you’ve ever heard System Restore problems of this kind, here’s a quick troubleshoot.

I got to restore my program to the days earlier, so when it finally rebooted I was shocked to find it a blank screen again.

But a guy on Youtube had showed how to perhaps fix this (and if you’re particularly lucky, this might be the solution for you!). The message might come up

Windows Explorer has stopped working.

That’s not good and you might experience this if you try to run explorer.exe before the System Restore. Now, just go to the task manager for one last time, click “Start Task” and type in explorer.exe. If you’re lucky, you’ll get everything back – your desktop, toolbar, icons, everything!

Another fix complete. If you’re reading this, hope it helped you! I knew that my problem might differ from others because it wasn’t particularly a problem with my hardware. I’ve heard that using a tool called “Last Known Good Configuration” works, or rebooting with the computer software will give you tools to fix it. I didn’t have those, but this worked. Good luck!

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