Despicable Me rant

As of right now, I’m frustrated. For the past few hours, “The Pursuit of Happiness” by Kid Cudi has been playing nonstop in my brain. My frustration results from the fact that I don’t particularly like this song but it’s horribly catchy. I later arrived at the title song, “Despicable Me” which my boyfriend and I swore was Kid Cudi. Our ears were playing a trick on us, respectively. I don’t particularly like that song either, but after we left the theater (early, btw, but that’s another story) the song just kept playing in my mind and compelled me to look the song up. To my surprise, it was Pharrell on the track, and on most of the songs featured in the movie. So as I missed a good portion of the movie whether it was because I was sleeping or simply not present, I listened to some of Pharrell’s work on Youtube just now and I really just don’t understand it at all. It was just a weird marriage of contrived humor and Pharrell on acid. But seriously. I’m just not comprehending how people are loving his work on this. I haven’t loved his work in a while. He and the Neptunes straight fucked with Common on Universal Mind Control, and I’ll be bitter until Common comes up with the next best thing since Finding Forever.

I didn’t really catch this because I was asleep for a good portion of the half of the movie we stayed for. People seem to be surprised when they hear that I didn’t enjoy the movie, flabbergasted at the fact that I fell asleep, and horrified at hearing that we left the theater maybe halfway in. Supposedly the movie got better towards the second half, but I couldn’t care less. I shouldn’t have to sit through an hour of a boring, slow movie with a weak plot just so I can see a redeeming second half. I would argue that it would simply be more beneficial to moviemakers to make a movie better the first half and sucky the second half (but then again, they didn’t aim to make an unbearable movie). This reminds me of an issue I had recently with Henry James’ The Portrait of a Lady. Goddamn it, man! James’ novellas are already overkill for me. His writing begs me to stop reading, which, by the way, I do/did. I told people that I had read half of it (it was summer reading, I thought I wasn’t going to be the only unprepared one in AP 83) and they told me to stick it out as the second half was supposedly better. I said fuck it. I took the road less taken and that made all the difference.

I admit that my judging of Despicable Me is neither appropriate nor accurate. My arguments are based on what I saw, and obviously, what I heard. However, I can’t see myself bringing myself to watch this movie when it comes out on DVD. Never since The Spirit have I been so adamant in not giving a movie a second chance.

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