This blog will be tha ish!

I created yet another blog.

Why not tumblr?
I have Tumblr, and I’m just not that type of blogger. Well, how can you be a type of blogger you say!? I think that Tumblrs are wonderful, but I don’t like to repost things just because I like them. I don’t believe in these emo-tistical quotes about loving people so much it hurts (it’s like a painful flashback to Livejournals…I never had one, but remember them in their heyday). I don’t like that people can post stuff and not necessarily back it up.

Why not Blogspot?
I really don’t know. I certainly like the dashboard of Blogspot more than WordPress. More people I know use Blogspot than I know use WordPress. It was really random, and the best answer I can give you is that my blog name was taken on Blogspot. I was really feeling it. I can see myself getting tired of it in the future.

Why not
At this current time, I acknowledge that it’s a picture of my with buttons linking to my locations on various social media websites. It’s like that for a reason. That domain name costs money, as does the web hosting. When money involves, shit gets real. Last time I hosted a blog on, my hosting expired and I ended up with all my blog, all my entries, all my designs, gone. It was painful and something I don’t wish on anyone, and definitely not myself for the second time. So I decided not to f*cks with it.

Why are you even blogging?
To quote one of my favorite movies, I’ve got something to say and I need the world to hear it. That’s from Malibu’s Most Wanted, by the way. I have many thoughts and need some sort of outlet. If somebody happens to come through to this blog, I can only hope that they walk away with a new perspective of some sort.

That being said, this won’t be a blog for me to rant any of my personal problems or issues. I will express my opinions, but you will never hear me talking shit about my friends or family or anything. They might pop in from time to time, but I really don’t think anyone wants to hear me talking smack, and if you do, just roll through a party I go to or something. It’s not that hard to get me laying things down. It’s just nothing I would want to put on the Internet and in most ways nothing I’m proud of.

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One Response to This blog will be tha ish!

  1. Sally! says:

    Kristen, you write beautifully.

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